Ultimate Callout Challenge

Ultimate Truck Competition!
April 21st-23rd

Ultimate Callout Challenge

All spectators will enter through the main gate entrance off of HWY 136/Crawfordsville Rd. Gates will open on Friday at 12:00 PM with racing from 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM. Saturday gates will open at 8:00 AM with the first truck Dyno starting at 9:00 AM. Gates will open Sunday at 12:00 PM with the first pull starting at 2:00 PM and the awards scheduled for 6:00 PM.

UCC Drag Race /Friday, April 21, 2017


 Drag Race Event(s) Schedule

12:00 PM EST

Gates Open For General Admission

2:00 PM EST

Drivers Meeting At Parks Tower

6:00 PM EST

Drag Racing Begins.
Scheduled to run until 10:00 PM.

UCC Dyno Day /Saturday, April 22, 2017


 Dyno Day Event(s) Schedule

8:00 AM EST

Gates Open For General Admission

8:00 AM EST

Drivers Meeting At Parks Tower

9:00 AM EST

First Truck On Dyno


Vendor Seminars

UCC Sled Pull /Sunday, April 23, 2017


 Sled Pull Event(s) Schedule

12:00 PM EST

Gates Open For General Admission

12:00 PM EST

Drivers Meeting At Sled Pull Track

12:30 PM EST

First Round Tech

2:00 PM EST

First Round Sled Pulls

4:00 PM EST

Second Round Tech

5:00 PM EST

Second Round Sled Pulls

6:00 PM EST

Awards Ceremony

April, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd 2107 

Hosted in Indiana, Indianapolis Lucas Oil Raceway

Q: What is an Ultimate Callout Challenge?

A: In a nutshell, it’s exactly what the name suggests. A nationwide callout to owners/builders of 

some of the biggest, buck nastiest diesel powered hot rods anywhere. Those that were 

contacted and invited are names that Diesel World Magazine and the Northwest Dyno Circuit 

(NWDC) deemed as the ‘best of the best’, guys who haven’t just made empty promises of big 

dyno numbers and crazy fast 1/4 mile times with trucks that haven’t even been built yet. The 

list of competitors is a strong one, filled with trucks that have already proven themselves. These 

guys are allowed to talk a big talk because they already proven they can walk a big walk. We’re 

talking horsepower numbers in the 1200+ range with some even cresting 2000hp. Those with 

66mm turbochargers need not apply...this isn’t for your average daily driver. These are full out 

competition built rigs with owners who aren’t scared to use enough nitrous to send the NASA 

shuttle into orbit.

Q: What’s it take to get in?

A: Make yourself known, you’ve got to get your name or your truck on the radar, Diesel World 

Magazine and the NWDC try and keep up to speed on everything going on around the country, 

and social media, forums, and shops all over the country spread the word as to who is doing 

what week in and week out. So for those that got their callout for this first ever Callout 

Challenge have already done that, they’ve proven they have the skill, the technical ability and 

well, near insane state of mind it takes to compete at such extreme levels. 

Q: What happens once you’re called?

A: Once that callout has been made, each competitor is required to make a non-refundable 

$1500 buy-in, this not only saves their spot in the big show, but puts a big chunk of cash into 

the pot to be paid back to the winners of each of the three events; dyno, sled pull, drag race. A 

winner will be crowned in each, with an overall winner taking home a pocket full of cash and 

the crown of King of the Ultimate Callout Challenge.

Q: What are the details on the events?

A: The dyno competition will be held opening day, with all the competitors running on the all-

new portable Superflow Chassis Dyno being built for the NWDC this winter. The massive rollers 

and huge load cell, along with the 4300-ft elevation of Salt Lake City, will be a true test for these 

monstrous motors. Winner will be chosen by combining both the horsepower and torque 

numbers for each truck. The second day brings the drag race event, hosted at Rocky Mountain 

Raceway in Salt Lake City where the quickest 1/4-mile times will take home top honors. It’ll be a 

‘run what you brung’ competition with the only limitations being whether or not the trucks 

have been outfitted with the proper safety equipment to keep both the competitors and 

spectators safe should things go wrong. The final day will be wrap up the UCC event at the 

Deseret Complex in Tooele, UT where the Sled Pull will be hosted with the United Truck and 

Tractor Pullers Association running the show and teching each truck with a 8500-lb weight limit. 

Unlike most sled pulls however, there are no turbocharger limitations, so a true statement of 

horsepower and traction should prove who has built the best all-around truck.

Q: What kind of magazine exposure can be expected?

A: Along with the obvious coverage for the events themselves, each competitor will have their 

own feature put together on the truck being used for the UCC to be run throughout 2017. The 

NWDC and Diesel World Magazine wants to share these builds with the public, show the 

readers just what it takes to build some of the nastiest power plants and trucks in the country. 

But in the true ‘competitive’ spirit, this is not mandatory, if an owner wants to keep a tight lid 

on the build and keep the others guessing, we’ll be happy to keep that information sealed. A 

professional video crew will also be on hand to along with a Live Feed of the event to be 

broadcast via the internet.

Q: Who’s allowed in?

A: Each competitor will be allowed five crew members that can be used for just about anything 

the driver will need. From changing tires between events, to possible swapping blown motors 

overnight in a thrash to make the next day’s event. The UCC will also be open to the public with 

a limited amount of tickets being sold online and at gate.