2018 Full Schedule

2018 Full Season Schedule: Coming Soon

March 24th - 25th   CRA Cabin Fever (Oval)
March 31st   Spring Fling Open Test and Tune
April 4th   Wild Wednesday
April 7th – 8th     ET Bracket Series #1 and #2
April 11th   Wild Wednesday
April 14th – 15th    ET Bracket Series #3 and #4
April 18th    Wild Wednesday
April 25th   Wild Wednesday
April 28th – 29th     ET Bracket Series #5 and #6 with JEGS Super Quick Series
May 2nd   Wild Wednesday
May 9th   Wild Wednesday
May 16th   Wild Wednesday
May 19th    Import Alliance
May 23rd   Wild Wednesday
May 25th   Carb Night Classic (Oval)
May 30th   Wild Wednesday
June 6th   Wild Wednesday
June 13th   Wild Wednesday
June 16th – 17th     ET Bracket Series #7 and #8
June 20th   Wild Wednesday
June 23rd – 24th     ET Bracket Series #9 and #10
July 11th   Wild Wednesday
July 14th - 15th    ET Bracket Series #11 and #12 NHRA Jr. Drag Racing
July 18th   Wild Wednesday
July 21st – 22nd      ET Bracket Series #13 and #14
July 25th   Wild Wednesday
July 29th     ET Bracket Series #15
August 1st   Wild Wednesday
August 11th - 12th   Red Bull Global Rallycross (Oval)
August 15th   Wild Wednesday
August 29th - September 3rd   64th Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals
September 7th   ARCA Racing Series - 200 (Oval)
September 8th   USAC Hall of Fame Classic (Oval)
September 14th - 16th   NHRA Division 3 ET Bracket Series Finals
September 20th - 23rd   17th Annual NMCA World Street Finals
September 29th - 30th   CRA Fall Brawl (Oval)
October 6th - 7th    ET Bracket Series #16 and #17
October 31st   Wild Wednesday