Beach Automotive Sportsman

Sportsman (7.68-12.50) 1/8 Mile


Beach Automotive Sportsman - $35


2018 Payout Table Coming Soon!



Class Specific Rules:



  • Computer Prohibited unless stock vehicle by new car manufacture.
  • Data recorders Prohibited.
  • Delay Boxes Prohibited.
  • Trans-brakes Prohibited.
  • 4-wheel line locks Prohibited.
  • Automated shifter Prohibited unless OEM.
  • Throttle must be manually operated by the driver’s foot. 
  • Electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics or any other device may in no way affect the throttle operation.  Dead stop under carburetor or gas pedal are permitted. 
  • Throttle timers, staging controllers, counters prohibited. 
  • 2-wheel line locks permitted on non-drive wheels only.
  • OEM electronics, tachometer, single stage rev limiters Permitted.
  • Stutter boxes prohibited.
  • Starting line or "high side" rev limiters permitted. 
  • One step rev limiter permitted
  • Two or more step rev limiters prohibited
  • Any other rpm limiting devices, legal unto themselves but altered or installed to function as a down-track rpm controller, prohibited.
  • All switches and/or buttons must be standard mechanical connection type.
  • Tow vehicles are prohibited in Sportsman


Click here for the Full ET Bracket Series Rulebook

Rules of the NHRA Rule book will be followed unless they are noted and or superseded by the Lucas Raceway at Indianapolis addendum.

Regulations can be found in the NHRA 2018 Official Rule Book which can be purchased at Lucas Oil Raceway Main Office.