NHRA Division 3

2021 NHRA Division 3 Events
at Lucas Oil Raceway

In 2021, the NHRA’s North Central Division – known commonly as Division 3 – will visit Lucas Oil Raceway for a trifecta of events in the late summer and early fall.

First up will be the NHRA Division 3 Summer Spectacle, held August 5-8. You can find more information on the Summer Spectacle by visiting this page.

In September, Lucas Oil Raceway will host the NHRA Division 3 Summit E.T. Finals. That event will be held from September 16 to 19, and more information can be found here.

Rounding out the action will be the NHRA Division 3 Fall Classic, to be held between October 15 and 17. Additional information for that event will be posted to this page.

Individuals looking to learn more about the NHRA’s North Central Division may visit the series’ website at this address: http://www.nhradiv3.com/